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The story behind our Latin-focused seafood restaurants

Crudo team

Our promise: 

The idea for Crudo started when whilst we were selling food at Brick Lane and Archway markets. Surrounded by a plethora of cuisines and dishes, there was one thing we couldn't find - ceviche. And so, that's the short version of how we went from stalls to four walls with Crudo.


From the moment we opened our first cevicheria back in 2019, Crudo was always about bringing people together around great food and drinks. 4 restaurants later, we are more committed more than ever to our founding principles, focusing on shared menus that showcase the finest and freshest ingredients.

We want to introduce people to new flavours, putting our own stamp on Peruvian classics, leaning on influences from both neighbouring regions and the familiar tastes of London.


At Crudo, we want guests to enjoy themselves in relaxed dining experience, leaving behind all the unnecessary frills and instead focusing on quality food and exceptional service. 

Maria & Carlos

Don't be shy. If you think you have what it takes, send us your application and we'll see if you and Crudo are the next best pairing in F&B.

We're growing.

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